Monday, July 11, 2016

Book Review: Blades of Accession by Breeana Puttroff

Goodreads Summary: Peace might finally have come to the kingdom of Philotheum, but that doesn't make it any easier to come into your own as an adult.
Now that the war is over, Quinn, William, Thomas, Linnea, and Zander find themselves facing new challenges and finally standing up to their pasts

Goodreads Rating: 4.42 stars with over 100 ratings

Genre Listing: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Romance

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Edited 12/1/2016

I'm going to read something else. Eventually, I promise. It's just not going to be anytime soon. I love this series too much right now. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with this one.  Don't get me wrong; I still enjoyed it a lot, but after Leaves of Revolution's level of action I feel like it was just hard to match. Blades of Accession was pretty calm and mellow. I felt like the things that happened in it should have been more exciting then what they were. I'm hoping that the introduction of a new character leads to something more interesting down the road.

I do like how it's becoming more and more about the circle of friends, and we're getting a little perspective from the inner circle and not just William and Quinn. I would like to see more perspective from Thomas and Mia, however. We get some, but I think it'd be fun to have a little more from them.

I felt like even the summary on Goodreads was a little lackluster with this one. If I was choosing to read this off of that review alone, and not because I'm invested in the series, I probably wouldn't. So far, this is probably my least favorite book in the series. It's a quick read, and I enjoyed it, but I wasn't as enthralled with it as I was the previous books. I'm still going to start on the next book here soon, but this one didn't have me completely jumping for joy. 

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