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Product Review: Paperless Post

Product Review:

Hi, Readers! I'm super excited where this blog has been taking me recently. I've been asked to do a product review for Paperless Post, an online greeting card and stationery company. The website uses their own sort of currency to pay for the cards, and they've provided some of their coins to me to thoroughly test out the product. I promise not to let that influence me though.

Most people don't know this about me, but I love stationery. I like sending cards to people, but usually, forget to do it. With my jewelry business, I send a thank you card with every order I ship. I even love receiving cards. I think it's a sweet gesture to let someone know you are thinking of them. My biggest problem is after receiving cards, I don't know what to do with them. I feel bad just tossing them, but I don't want to collect them either. E-cards are an excellent option for this, but I loathe most e-card products. So, what's an old soul to do?

Enter Paperless Post. They're an e-card company based out of New York. I think the first thing that got my attention when looking at their website is that the cards are classic and clean designs. My biggest issue with most e-cards is that they're annoying. I hate the animation and the sound. A lot of them try to be funny and fail at it. Paperless Post feels more like actual greeting cards, however. There is animation, but it's only when you open the card. When you get the card, you click on it to open. It then does an animation of it opening or flipping to be read. 

The designs shown are really classic, and the website is simple to navigate. Their specialty seems to be invitations and save the dates, which would be a great alternative to sending wedding or party invites. It's all customizable and sent directly to e-mails, which makes it simple. The best part is there are a ton of designs to choose from.  You can send the invites as a card or a flyer. Per the website, here's a breakdown of the difference between cards and flyers. 

Difference between Cards and Flyers

Before I go through the design process, I want to take a minute to talk about how paying for the cards work. This is pretty important for the design process. As I said earlier, they have their own website currency, that you can buy. Coins start out at 10 coins for $5.00 and go up to $90.00 worth. Each thing that you do with the card is going to cost coins, for the most part. I sent out seven or eight cards to toy around with how much on average cards would cost. It ranged from one coin to six coins per recipient, with six being the average. I'll explain this a bit more when I talk about the design process, but six coins will get you a lot of different design elements in the card. Math and I are arch nemeses, but I think it breaks down to about 66 cards at 6 coins each for the 400 coin pack, or about $1.20 a card. 

Coin breakdown

It's really easy to design a card, but if you don't want the more expensive options, you really have to watch what you're doing. I went around and played with designing a card and took screenshots to show everyone how to go about it. As I said earlier, each element has a coin cost, for the most part. Cards seem to be either free or two coins. There's a ton of options though. For this specific design, the card is two coins. It automatically has a backdrop and a liner, which are each an additional coin. If you want a cute stamp, that's another coin. It seems to be the same for their invites and photo cards as well. The card I had that was all of the free options possible and just an envelope. I assume this is required to send it.

Design cost in Coins

Here's a look at the design interface:

Backdrop removed.

With a backdrop

My personal preference is that I like having a backdrop. There are a ton to choose from. You can acquire them for one coin on the left-hand side. I think it looks way more finished and personalized with the backdrop, but if you're going the economy route just click remove backdrop. This option will also be on the left, kind of hidden below all of the choices. After that, you can edit the personalized text. To the best of my knowledge, changing the font and or color does not cost extra coins.

Lots of colors and fonts!

Once you finish the card, it's time to design the envelope. You can change the color of the envelope and the liner. The envelope is one coin, and the liner is an additional coin. You can remove the liner, and it'll just be the color you choose for your envelope. This is somewhere that you could easily save your coins on. Here's a look of a liner. One is automatically added to the envelope, so make sure to click remove if you don't want it! I think it looks more finished with the liner, but it's not really needed.

With a liner

Envelope options, and no liner

The next part is the stamp. I think it's pretty cute that they have stamps to choose from, but again make sure to check if you're choosing one that's free or costs one coin. After that, it's just a matter of putting in the recipient information and sending.  Here's a look at one of the custom stamps. On the left, you'll see how the free vs. coin options are laid out.

Is it weird that the stamps are my favorite?


I really like the design choices. There are a ton of really nice options for design. They're classy and aren't annoying like other e-card companies. I appreciate that for the most part there is minimal animation, but still gives you the feel of opening an actual card. Paperless Post is a great option for sending digital invites, greeting cards, thank you cards, save the dates, and more. They even have personalized digital stationery for notes and letters. For those of you who like the photo cards, they have so many options for that as well!  Oh, and since it's digital, it's sent instantly.


My biggest issue is that the premium options are automatically added to each card. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with it. From a business perspective, I get it. The more coins someone spends per recipient, the more money generated for the company. If someone wants to be frugal, however, it's not necessarily a great option to have them automatically added. It took me a bit to figure out how to remove the features to get the cost down to one coin.  The flyer options seem to have more animation than the cards. My computer did not really enjoy that aspect of the website. 

Overall, it's really easy to use. I love the variety of designs and the ability to customize them. A few of the friends I sent cards to already seemed to enjoy the designs I sent as well. I'm terrible about sending cards in the mail, so I could see myself using this service in the future for birthdays and holidays. I don't know that I'd go the full six coins for every card, but it's still possible to make cute cards with fewer coins.

If you're interested in Paperless Post, head over to

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Book Review: Lucky Charm by Annabel Chase

Goodreads Summary: New witch Emma Hart is at her wit’s end and, this time, it’s not the result of her vampire ghost roommate, her snarky owl, or her feelings for a certain fallen angel. Key members of Spellbound society are acting like children, and it’s wreaking havoc on the town’s regulation-happy infrastructure. When Emma is turned invisible during the investigation, she realizes that the spell was no accident and that someone is out to silence her—permanently.
Lucky Charm is the fourth book in the Spellbound paranormal cozy mystery series.
This is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery novel.

Goodreads Rating: 4.39 stars with over 1,000 ratings
Genre listing: Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Witches
Number of Pages: 190
Book in series: 4/10
Previous reviews for the series: Curse the DayDoom and Broom, Spell's Bells
Goodreads Challenge: 25/30

Book Review: 

I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted to the Spellbound series by Annabel Chase. Every time I finish one I have to dive into the very next book. I keep telling myself I'm going to read something else, but obviously, I have not. I keep staring at my unread bookshelf and mentally apologizing to it. On the bright side, I'm at least getting close to meeting my Goodreads Challenge for the year. The 2018 Reading Challenge, not so much. Which reminds me, I should probably start working on 2019's. 

A little recap on the series for those of you just tuning in: Emma Hart finds herself stuck in Spellbound, a cursed Paranormal town, thanks to Fallen Angel Daniel Starr. To boot she's found out, she's a witch and has been placed in remedial witch classes to get her up to speed, Oh, and she's also taken over the position of the town's public defender that was vacated when her vampire predecessor was murdered and became a ghost that only she can see. 

As much as I enjoyed Lucky Charm, it definitely wasn't my favorite book in the series so far. I didn't really get a good feel for the mystery at hand in this one. It felt like an afterthought to all the chaos that happened in the book. I don't even remember who she had to defend (or why) in this one. I will say that having a bunch of well-respected council members spelled to act like children was fairly entertaining. I think that Emma taking charge the way she did also really secured her place in Spellbound. 

I think what I enjoyed most about this cozy paranormal mystery is that Emma learns a lot about who she is. She gets to figure out why she's so different from the other witches in Spellbound, and how powerful she could actually be. I feel like because of this her bond with Sedgewick is strengthened. By the way that Owl amuses me. I love sassy side-kicks! 

As I write this review, I'm already mostly done with the fifth book. A new love interest is introduced in the very last part of this book, and it had me intrigued. I'm a sucker. There are ten books in this series, so far. I have a feeling I'm not going anywhere else in the literary world until I finish this series. Luckily all of the books are pretty short, and I'm getting through them in a couple of days time. It's a good series to get into if you want something to binge, something quick to read, like paranormal or cozy mysteries, want something that's slightly humorous. The entire series is on Kindle Unlimited, which is making it extremely easy for me to binge. I think as of right now, each of the books is around $3.99 each.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Website Review: Literary Book Gifts

Website Review? Linz, you don't do website reviews! What's up? 

Well, I do today! I got asked to do a super cool thing and review a website called Literary Book Gifts. As the name suggests, they sell Literary gifts. There are T-shirts for Women and Men and tote bags! Melissa, the designer, and founder at Literary Book Gifts reached out to me and asked me to do the review. She was also kind enough to agree to a small interview and provide a coupon code for you all to shop with! If you shop at Literary Book Gifts use the coupon code LINZTHEBOOKWORM20 to get 20% off your order!


How did Literary Book Gifts get started?
Literary Book Gifts started with just a handful of designs. I had finished a Moby Dick design (different than the one in the store now) and a Dracula one as well. I considered offering the items on other platforms such as Etsy, but I eventually went with opening the website you see today.
What goes into the design process?
First I make sure that the title or author is a good fit for the collection. Next, I find either very old book covers or illustrations that I'd like to remaster or combine to get started with the design. After some remastering and making the designs print ready, I then put them in the online store.
What is your favorite item or design in the shop?
Right now I really like the F. Scott Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned Tote Bag, it's one of the few grey tote bags in the collection, and I really like the color scheme with the large red circle.
What is your favorite book?
I would have to say The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, with Harry Potter coming in at a close second!
Are there plans to expand into other literary gift items?
Yes! I have run into some product uploading limits, however, I do hope to expand to hoodies and tank tops soon. I would also love to do a literary scarf or two. If you have any requests you can always contact me directly at
What is something you feel my readers should know about Literary Book Gifts?
Each and every design is unique to the collection. If you like anything you see, use the exclusive code LINZTHEBOOKWORM20 to receive 20% off on your order! This code does not expire.
Melissa Chan is the founder of Literary Book Gifts

Here's a look at some of the items that Melissa mentioned in her interview:


And now it's time for my review. I'm just going to be honest here, and let you know that I'm already drooling over a lot of these designs. First, I want to go over the layout and what not though. The website is super simple to navigate through and see the products. It's a very clean looking website, in a no-nonsense type of layout. I like that there's nothing to distract from the products. Account sign up was super easy, and all of the policies at the bottom of the page are straightforward and to the point. 

All of the designs I've gone through so far seem to have a lot of color options as well as sizes. The first women's shirt I clicked on goes has sizes in small up to 3xl. It also has fourteen color options.  The men's shirt I first clicked on goes from small to 5xl. It looks like it has nine color choices available. The price on shirts seems reasonable at $28 each. If $28 seems pricey for a t-shirt, please remember that these are specially designed pieces, and I imagine a lot of time went into making the design just right. You are only going to find the shirts on Melissa's website.
I'm loving the tote bag section. I have a serious tote bag obsession. The tote bags are at a very reasonable $24 for a small, which is about 13x13 inches. The bags come in small, medium, and large. The medium is about 17x15in and the large is about 18x18inches. Prices for the medium and large bags are $28 and $32, respectively. Shipping for shirts and bags is $5 flat rate, which is more than reasonable, especially if you buy several items.

So, now that we've got our basics covered. Let's talk about my favorites. I'm going to go so broke on this site.

First up, the ever classic Edgar Allen Poe design. 

This design has a lot of color options. My personal opinion is that the cardinal color looks the best. I'd probably also rock it in the heavy metal color. 

Next is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Don't worry, I'm not going through every product.) 

I feel like this one in green is necessary, though I like the look of it in black and navy as well. 

There are also some non-book designs, which I think is amazing. I'm LOVING this Beethoven t-shirt. The former piano player in me is swooning.

I had my husband give his thoughts on the Men's section. He likes the Vintage Book design.  He also liked a few other designs like Book End and Ode to a Grecian Urn

And on to my favorite section! The tote bags! Believe it or not, I'm having a hard time narrowing down my favorites. I'm pretty sure I would rock every single t-shirt and tote bag on this site. Especially the bags. Here's a look at some I'm obsessing over.

The Origin of Species It has a Dodo! 

The Illiad is probably my favorite tote on the site. It's so badass looking! What's she got in there? Books? a Laptop? Craft Supplies? a Dagger? Probably all of the above!

The Jungle Book tote is another fave. Between the large cat and the green, it's definitely my aesthetic. Love!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is obviously a given for me. It's my favorite classic, and probably the only one I actually reread fairly regularly. I love it on the shirt too. 

Overall, I'm loving what this site has to offer. I can't speak on the quality yet but based on the care that's gone into the website, the designs, and my brief conversations with Melissa I'm going to guess the quality is pretty awesome, like the designs. I'm definitely going to do some shopping on this site when I get a chance, and once I do I'll definitely do a review of the items. If you shop, be sure to use the special coupon code that was created for this review! Once again, the code is LINZTHEBOOKWORM20  to get 20% off, and it never expires!

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Book Review of Doom and Broom and Spell's Bells by Annabel Chase

Goodreads Summary: 
Welcome to Spellbound, where paranormal is the new normal.

Emma Hart hasn’t had a moment’s peace since her arrival in Spellbound. Her fear of heights hits an all-time high when she’s tasked with mastering a broomstick. It doesn’t help that Lady Weatherby seems determined to make basic witch training feel more like the magical ninja warrior championships.

When a werewolf is found dead and Daniel is named as the prime suspect, Emma takes the initiative to prove that the angel’s halo is firmly intact, once again stepping on the hooves of the cranky centaur, Sheriff Hugo.

The heat is on as Emma struggles to get a grip on her broomstick and identify the killer before it’s too late.

Doom and Broom is the second book in the Spellbound paranormal cozy mystery series.
Goodreads Rating: 4.33 stars with over 1,100 ratings
Number of Pages: 294
Book in series: 2/10

Goodreads Summary: Welcome to Spellbound, where paranormal is the new normal.

When a sleeping dwarf is found entombed in a glass coffin and remedial witch Sophie is blamed, Emma Hart must defend her friend while trying to get to the bottom of the enchantment. The investigation lands Emma smack dab in the middle of Spellbound’s matchmaking scene, where plenty of the town’s residents are eager to find her an appropriate suitor.

Emma knows it's time to kick her witchy skills up a notch if she expects to survive Thursday night speed dating and keep sweet Sophie from a life in paranormal prison.

Spell's Bells is the third book in the Spellbound paranormal cozy mystery series.

Goodreads Rating: 4.36 stars with over 1,000 ratings

Genre Listing: Paranormal, Supernatural, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Fantasy
Get the Books: Doom and Broom Spell's Bells
Goodreads Challenge: 23 and 24 out of 30.
Number of Pages: 274
Book in series: 3/10
Previous Review: Curse the Day

Book Review:

You may be wondering what's going on with the format above. Well, the thing is I have problems. I downloaded Doom and Broom from Kindle Unlimited right after finishing Curse the Day, the first book in the Spellbound Series. I finished the cozy mystery either late Friday night or Saturday night and read Spell's Bells until 4 am in the morning. When I finally put it down, I was about 88% finished with it. Since I read both books back to back like that they've merged in my brain, so I figure I'll do one post for them. Plus, I'm lazy.

So, as you can probably tell from the binging, I adore this series. I think I relate to Emma with the whole working and going to school full-time thing. There's a lot of details that make the town of Spellbound enjoyable to read. I can tell that Annabel Chase put a lot of effort into including a broad mix of species in her stories. I like that she's slowly getting into Emma's background as far as being a witch goes. I think that's what I want to read the most. Towards the end of Spell's Bells, there is some interesting foreshadowing going on.

Daniel's growing on me the past two books. I won't say I'm entirely for team Daniel, but he's a better option than some of the other choices that she's presented with. I do feel like she's using the Vampire friend a lot though. I can't remember his name at this moment in time. I guess he's not making a huge impact in the story if I can't remember the name.

I'm keeping this short and sweet tonight. I'm recommending the series for anyone who needs something quick and enjoyable to binge read on Kindle. The books are under 300 pages. The stories move quickly. There's good detail, but not so much that it bogs the story down. The characters are enjoyable for the most part. Interesting mysteries. I won't say they're complete shockers, but the conclusions seem reasonable. I will say that I pegged who the murder was in Doom and Broom fairly easily. I was admittedly wrong about the crime in Spell's Bells.

Here's a couple of quotes I liked from the books: 

"This was supposed to be the remedial class. We should all suck equally." -Somewhere around 12% in Doom and Broom

"I had people I cared about, then I risked losing them. In my experience, the negatives far outweighed the positives." -Somewhere around 57% in Doom and Broom

"Maybe you want to be tall, but your DNA has other plans."- Somewhere around 73% in Doom and Broom. (Also, my life.)

"Unsurprisingly, he was mistaken. I never set out to make him look like an idiot. He managed to do that all by himself." Somewhere around 7% in Spell's Bells.

""I'm warning you, Silas. Get your genie butt out of here before I shove you inside the nearest lamp.” She gave him a pointed look. “And I won’t be rubbing it.” - Somewhere around 27% in Spell's Bells. I audibly cackled at this one, I think. 

I'm giving both books 4 moons :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Book Review: Curse the Day by Annabel Chase

Goodreads Summary: 

Welcome to Spellbound, where paranormal is the new normal.

The only magic Emma Hart believes in is caffeine and the power of the dryer to lose one sock per load. A public interest lawyer buried under a mound of student debt, Emma’s whole life has been one turn of bad luck after another.

Her streak seems to continue when she gets lost on the way to see a client in the remote Pocono Mountains. A chance encounter with a suicidal angel lands her in Spellbound, a town where supernaturals have been cursed to remain for centuries--probably not the best time for Emma to discover that she's actually a witch.

Between the recent murder of the town’s public defender, a goblin accused of theft, remedial witch classes, and the attention of one smoking hot vampire, Emma struggles to navigate this unfamiliar terrain without losing her mind...or her life.

Curse the Day is the first book in the Spellbound paranormal cozy mystery series.

This is a full-length, humorous paranormal cozy mystery novel.

Goodreads Rating: 4.19 stars with just over 1,400 reviews
Genre Listing: Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Paranormal, Supernatural, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Get the Book: Amazon
Number of Pages: 290 pages
Book in series: 1/10
Goodreads Challenge: 22/30
2018 Reading Challenge #3, A Cozy Mystery. See the full challenge here

Book Review:

After I finished up Thunderhead, I wanted to start something quick and relatively easy to read. I figured it was a good time to knock out the Cozy Mystery category for the 2018 reading challenge. It took me a while to find one, but I'm glad I took my time and decided on Curse the Day by Anabel Chase. It's around 290 pages and is fairly fast-paced. I finished it in a day. Which with my current insanely busy schedule is pretty impressive. (When I say busy, I'm not kidding. I work full time, go to school full time, run a jewelry business, and run this blog. Send help in the form of coffee!)

Curse the Day by Annabel Chase was an enjoyable cozy paranormal mystery story that was entertaining from the start. I found Emma to be a likable main character. Her inner monologues with herself are pretty funny. I found myself laughing (out loud, even) quite often while reading this story. I enjoyed that she gets shoved into a remedial witch class with several misfits who take her under their wing. I ADORED that she gets them to watch The Craft. It's one of my favorite movies. Oh, and there are several Harry Potter references in the story. 😍

Anabel provided a nice variety of paranormal species in this one story. The entire town is paranormal, so I was glad to see it wasn't just the typical weres, vamps, and witches. These types are there, but there's also goblins, harpies, fairies, incubus/succubus, elves, gorgon, and of course a grumpy hairless cat that's an insult to all cats. (That's a reference to the book. It'll make sense if you read it.)

I like that Emma's background is a mystery. It sets up the series for exciting twists and turns, especially since she's not quite like the other witches in Spellbound. I imagine it'll be an ongoing mystery in each book. I will say I thought the actual conclusion of who the killer/thief was in Curse the Day came out kind of abruptly. It's revealed around 80% into the book, and while it makes sense, the reveal didn't necessarily wow or surprise me. I will say I'm glad that it was a logical character choice instead of some random off the wall surprise with nothing leading up to it.

There are a couple of potential love interests already lined up, but both make me roll my eyes. The suitors so far are the typical love interest of "He's so HAWT" and zero depth. I'm reserving judgment for now. Maybe they'll grow on me. One of them certainly isn't going away any time soon.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and already started on book two. Now hopefully I can get a chance to finish it soon. I recommend it if you like cozy mysteries, paranormal books, or need something quick to get you out of a reading slump. The entire series is on Kindle Unlimited for those of you needing a series to binge on.

I only had one part that I highlighted during my read, but it's a good one.

"Sometimes we seem to forget that the entire reason we're trapped here is because we mistreated someone. It's important that we strive to do better and look out for one another." - located around 70% of the book.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Book Review: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

Goodreads Summary: Rowan has gone rogue, and has taken it upon himself to put the Scythedom through a trial by fire. Literally. In the year since Winter Conclave, he has gone off-grid and has been striking out against corrupt scythes—not only in MidMerica, but across the entire continent. He is a dark folk hero now—“Scythe Lucifer”—a vigilante taking down corrupt scythes in flames.
Citra, now a junior scythe under Scythe Curie, sees the corruption and wants to help change it from the inside out, but is thwarted at every turn, and threatened by the “new order” scythes. Realizing she cannot do this alone—or even with the help of Scythe Curie and Faraday, she does the unthinkable, and risks being “deadish” so she can communicate with the Thunderhead—the only being on earth wise enough to solve the dire problems of a perfect world. But will it help solve those problems, or simply watch as perfection goes into decline?
Goodreads Rating: 4.54 stars with just over 18,000 ratings
Genre Listing: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopia, Science Fiction
Number of Pages: 504
Book in series: 2/unknown
Get the Book: AmazonBook Depository
Goodreads Challenge: 21/30
Other reviews on the series: Scythe

Book Review:

Before Thunderhead, I couldn't tell you the last time I paid full price for a book. I'm going to wager a guess and say it was last time I was in Canada (so roughly a year ago?) But I was at the grocery store and saw the iconic cover and about freaked out. I had to buy it right away. I love this series so much. I'm a bit bummed the third hasn't been published yet, but I can only be so mad since Thunderhead just came out at the beginning of 2018.

A little recap of the series: The first book in the Arc of a Scythe series is called Scythe. It takes place in a futuristic earth where we've combated death and illness. Everyone's immortal, but for population control, there still has to be death. That's where the Scythdom comes in. They are expected to be compassionate and uncorrectable. Each Scythe has a quota of people they must glean (kill). They take their names from historical figures of the mortal times.

Thunderhead starts off around six months or so after Scythe ended. Citra's already a force to be reckoned with as a Junior Scythe. She gives her gleaning victims a lot of compassion, even though it creates more work for her in the end. The way that Shusterman describes her chosen way to glean effectively shows why the New Order is (or should be) concerned with her. I like how she becomes Scythe Anastasia in Thunderhead. Before it felt like she was more play-acting at being a Scythe, but now it feels more like she's left Citra in the past.

I LOVE Rowan's choice of Scythe name when he goes Rogue. Rogue Scythe Apprentice going around killing corrupt Scythes while wearing the forbidden Scythe color of Black and going by Scythe Lucifer? Perfection. I also really enjoyed what other names Scythes took. 

In Scythe, each chapter was started by a journal entry of several scythes. I love how in this book the journal entries are thoughts from the Thunderhead. It gave an interesting perspective as everything goes to hell. You get both sides of what could be the downfall of the perfect world. 

The setting for the entire novel of Thunderhead is captivating. Shusterman paints a picture of not only the MidAmerica region that was the focus in Scythe, but you also get to see the Texas region, which is a lawless experiment of sorts. Other areas explored are D.C. and what's become of it since the Thunderhead took over and did away with traditional government. Towards the end, Shusterman even takes readers on an adventure to the Scythe capital Endura. 

If you like Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia, or YA books I can't recommend this series enough. It's a lot of fun to read, but it's also clever and puts a fascinating spin on the Dystopia genre. I'm pretty sure that I've told everyone to read Scythe right away so they can read Thunderhead. I'm obsessed with this series, and I can't wait until the third book comes out! From the looks of it, it looks like it will be called The Toll. If that is the title that could have a few different implications. So excited!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Book Haul August 2018

This post is long overdue! Sometime in between July and August my lovely friend Tress had a bunch of books she wanted to get rid of on her shelf. She ended up donating them to my shelf, and for the most part what she sent was a total surprise to me. It ended up being eight pounds of books! I now desperately need to rearrange my bookshelf to make room for them. I quite possibly need to clear off another shelf altogether. One of these days I may try to do some kind of tour of my bookshelf post.

I'm not going to go in depth with this haul as I normally do. I'm just going to do a quick list and an overview at the end.

1.) Timeline by Michael Crichton

2.) Lightning by Dean Koontz

3.) The Two Dead Girls by Stephen King

4.) The Mouse on the Mile by Stephen King

5.) Coffey's Hands by Stephen King

6.) The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix by Stephen King

7.) Night Journey by Stephen King

8.) Coffey on the Mile by Stephen King

9.) Born in Fire by Nora Roberts

10.) Wild Horses by Dick Francis

11.) Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

12.) Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts

13.) Key of Light by Nora Roberts

14.) Key of Knowledge by Nora Roberts

15.) Key of Valor by Nora Roberts

16.) Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts

17.) Black Rose by Nora Roberts

18.) Red Lily by Nora Roberts

19)  Shiny Water by Anna Salter

20.) The Darkness that Comes Before by R. Scott Bakker


First of all, thank you so much, Tress, for all of the lovely books! Now if I could only find the time to read them all! 

I'm eager to read all of these books. Tress and I talk every day, and I think she's got a pretty good grasp on what I'll like or not. She did get me into the Dresden Files, after all. I think the ones that I'm most eager to read are Timeline, Lightning, and The Green Mile series. Of the Nora books, I think I'm most excited to read the Key Trilogy. There's definitely a lot of good material on here to put on to the 2018 reading challenge (found here.) If nothing else, the Green Mile series is super short and will pad my Goodreads yearly challenge.