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Book Review of The Immortal Circus: Final Act by A.R. Kahler

Goodreads Summary: Episode 1: January 14, 2014. All is not well within the Cirque des Immortels: war is brewing, the troupe is angry, and without Kingston there, Vivienne's in over her head. But when an unexpected guest arrives, she realizes her problems have only just begun.
Episode 2: January 21, 2014. Now Vivienne must not only deal with a mutinous troupe but her long-lost lover. To make matters worse, there's a new player in the game. And this opponent is hell-bent on revenge.

Note on the Summary: This is all I could find on Goodreads. The book is actually complete. I believe that all of the books were episodes like this, but have since been compiled into three books.

Goodreads rating: 3.74 with over 2,000 ratings
Genre Listing: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Magic
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Book Review:

The Final Act of the Immortal Circus by A.R. Kahler picks up a few weeks after the second act ends. Vivienne is now in charge of the circus as punishment, the performers are rioting, and she can't keep them alive. I got the feeling that everything that had happened to Vivienne had been plotted centuries ago either by Mab or Oberon. I think she was just kind of a pawn in it all and tried to get herself out, which I appreciated.

Some of the references in the book made me chuckle, but a lot of them seemed off given who was making the reference. An example being Mab referencing Harry Potter. I think she may have also made a Disney reference, but I could be wrong on that. Either way, her making current pop culture references just seemed out of place given that she's this ancient faerie queen. 

I felt like this book got way more about the relationship between her and Kingston or her and Austin. She's sent out on this massive quest to save her Troupe and that's all she can think of. I mean I guess it was good motivation for her, but it kind of got annoying. That being said, I liked how the series ended. I felt like Vivienne got the ending she deserved after being a massive pawn between the two courts. It closed the series up nicely, and while there's a hint that the story could go on, I don't think it'll go on with Vivienne. I think her time with the circus is done. Though, now I'm curious if there will be a sequel series later on. 

Overall, I liked the book and the series, but I think I need to step away from paranormal things for a while. It feels like it's all I read anymore, and I need a break from it. 

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