Monday, November 21, 2016

Discussion: 2017 Reading Challenge

Happy Early Thanksgiving, Readers! As many of you know, last year I participated in two book challenges (not including the yearly Goodreads Challenge I do). I'll post an update of how I did on those either in the last week of December, or the Beginning of January. There's still some time for me to work on those.  They've inspired me to create a reading challenge for 2017. I've had some friends interested in it, so I thought I'd share it here. Hopefully, everyone enjoys it!

There were some good ones on the previous lists and some that just aren't going to happen. Some of my items are similar to these other challenges so as a credit, here are those links again Pop Sugar Reading Challenge Modern Mrs. Darcy's Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge

  1. A book by Stephen King
  2. A book in a series you’ve yet to finish
  3. A Free book you found on Amazon
  4. A book on a banned book list
  5. A book by Terry Pratchett
  6. A book that’s considered a classic
  7. A Book about Time Travel
  8. A book about royalty
  9. A book that was a gift
  10. A book from the library
  11. A book you got on sale
  12. A book was written by an author from your home state
  13. The first book in a series you’ve wanted to start
  14. A book about a hobby you enjoy
  15. A book about magic
  16. A Historical Fiction
  17. A book by James Patterson
  18. A book about a lawyer
  19. A book you picked out because of the cover
  20. A book published in 1967
  21. A book published in 1917
  22. A book about a journalist
  23. A book by Jane Austen
  24. A book published in the year you were born
  25. A book that takes place near Halloween
  26. A book about an ancient culture
  27. A book about mythology
  28. A book with a green cover
  29. A book involving sports
  30. A book involving something you are afraid of
  31. A book recommended to you on social media
  32. A book you know you should read, but haven’t yet
  33. A book involving your favorite animal
  34. A book by H.G. Wells
  35. A book that takes place somewhere you would like to live
  36. A book about the Lost City of Atlantis
  37. A book about ghosts
  38. A book that’s been made into a movie/tv show
  39. A book that’s referenced in a film or tv show
  40. A Dystopian novel
  41. A book that inspired a musical
  42. A book by Maya Angelou
  43. A book by an author with your first or last name
  44. A book that you’ve been hesitant to read
  45. A book that takes place in another country
  46. A romance novel
  47. A book with your favorite type of flower or the word flower in the title
  48. A young adult book
  49. A book about an oppressed culture
  50. A book on a best seller list


  1. I love it! I couldn't do it because kids make it hard to find time to read. Reading 50 books seems unattainable. Not being a very fast reader doesn't help either. But I like the list!

  2. Yeah, 50 books is going to be a huge stretch for me as well. My goal for 2016 is only 35. So, we shall see! Glad you like it :)


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