Saturday, May 18, 2019

Product Review: Literary Book Gifts

A while back, I did a post where I reviewed the website for Literary Book Gifts. They had offered up a coupon code for my readers in exchange for the review. The review, which can be found here, was strictly on the website. I've been eyeing Alice's Adventure in Wonderland tote since I did the review and I finally bought it. It arrived today and I thought I'd do a follow-up review of the actual product this time. You can check out all of what they offer on the website: Literary Book Gifts.

Ordering from the website is really easy. Every item seems to have a lot of color options and size options, even the totes. Shipping is a flat fee and arrives fast! From E-mail confirmation to delivery was about 9 days, which feels pretty reasonable to me. The website felt trustworthy and secure, so I wasn't concerned about using my card.

Now. On to the Tote bag. I AM IN LOVE. I got a large size, because eh why not. IT IS HUGE! Seriously, I can't wait to lose all of my junk in the bottom of this thing, Plus I'm pretty sure I can fit my laptop in it, so I'm pretty excited about that.

The canvas feels really sturdy and like there's a liner backing of some sort. The stitching looks secure, the printing is really nice. It's faded in places and gives it a really antiqued look to it. I absolutely love it.  I tried to get some pictures of this, but I don't know that they do it justice. It's sitting on my couch up against the cushion if you want a visual of size.



Like I said, this thing is huge. The pictures aren't the best. It's more of a navy blue than the gray in the pictures. I can't wait to use it. My old tote bag is about on its last leg, so this came just in time.  Overall, my experience with Literary Book Gifts has been super positive. The only negative I have is more of a disclaimer for my readers. In my original post, the coupon code LINZTHEBOOKWORM20 was offered so that anyone referred from my blog could get 20% off their order. Unfortunately, when I tried to use the code it did not work. The original post is from back in October, so it's possible it's just expired. It would have been about the price of shipping, so I'm not all that worried about it. I just wanted to make mention of it if anyone went and tried to use it. It didn't impact my perception of the service at all. I still like how quickly I received my item and think it's going to be a great tote to use.
If anyone would like me to review their product or website just reach out to me with the contact form. Authors, feel free to submit requests for your books as well. I just can't promise how quickly I will get to read it.

Edit: The coupon code is working again, so if you'd like to save 20% use Coupon code LINZTHEBOOKWORM20

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