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Website Review: Literary Book Gifts

Website Review? Linz, you don't do website reviews! What's up? 

Well, I do today! I got asked to do a super cool thing and review a website called Literary Book Gifts. As the name suggests, they sell Literary gifts. There are T-shirts for Women and Men and tote bags! Melissa, the designer, and founder at Literary Book Gifts reached out to me and asked me to do the review. She was also kind enough to agree to a small interview and provide a coupon code for you all to shop with! If you shop at Literary Book Gifts use the coupon code LINZTHEBOOKWORM20 to get 20% off your order!


How did Literary Book Gifts get started?
Literary Book Gifts started with just a handful of designs. I had finished a Moby Dick design (different than the one in the store now) and a Dracula one as well. I considered offering the items on other platforms such as Etsy, but I eventually went with opening the website you see today.
What goes into the design process?
First I make sure that the title or author is a good fit for the collection. Next, I find either very old book covers or illustrations that I'd like to remaster or combine to get started with the design. After some remastering and making the designs print ready, I then put them in the online store.
What is your favorite item or design in the shop?
Right now I really like the F. Scott Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned Tote Bag, it's one of the few grey tote bags in the collection, and I really like the color scheme with the large red circle.
What is your favorite book?
I would have to say The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, with Harry Potter coming in at a close second!
Are there plans to expand into other literary gift items?
Yes! I have run into some product uploading limits, however, I do hope to expand to hoodies and tank tops soon. I would also love to do a literary scarf or two. If you have any requests you can always contact me directly at
What is something you feel my readers should know about Literary Book Gifts?
Each and every design is unique to the collection. If you like anything you see, use the exclusive code LINZTHEBOOKWORM20 to receive 20% off on your order! This code does not expire.
Melissa Chan is the founder of Literary Book Gifts

Here's a look at some of the items that Melissa mentioned in her interview:


And now it's time for my review. I'm just going to be honest here, and let you know that I'm already drooling over a lot of these designs. First, I want to go over the layout and what not though. The website is super simple to navigate through and see the products. It's a very clean looking website, in a no-nonsense type of layout. I like that there's nothing to distract from the products. Account sign up was super easy, and all of the policies at the bottom of the page are straightforward and to the point. 

All of the designs I've gone through so far seem to have a lot of color options as well as sizes. The first women's shirt I clicked on goes has sizes in small up to 3xl. It also has fourteen color options.  The men's shirt I first clicked on goes from small to 5xl. It looks like it has nine color choices available. The price on shirts seems reasonable at $28 each. If $28 seems pricey for a t-shirt, please remember that these are specially designed pieces, and I imagine a lot of time went into making the design just right. You are only going to find the shirts on Melissa's website.
I'm loving the tote bag section. I have a serious tote bag obsession. The tote bags are at a very reasonable $24 for a small, which is about 13x13 inches. The bags come in small, medium, and large. The medium is about 17x15in and the large is about 18x18inches. Prices for the medium and large bags are $28 and $32, respectively. Shipping for shirts and bags is $5 flat rate, which is more than reasonable, especially if you buy several items.

So, now that we've got our basics covered. Let's talk about my favorites. I'm going to go so broke on this site.

First up, the ever classic Edgar Allen Poe design. 

This design has a lot of color options. My personal opinion is that the cardinal color looks the best. I'd probably also rock it in the heavy metal color. 

Next is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Don't worry, I'm not going through every product.) 

I feel like this one in green is necessary, though I like the look of it in black and navy as well. 

There are also some non-book designs, which I think is amazing. I'm LOVING this Beethoven t-shirt. The former piano player in me is swooning.

I had my husband give his thoughts on the Men's section. He likes the Vintage Book design.  He also liked a few other designs like Book End and Ode to a Grecian Urn

And on to my favorite section! The tote bags! Believe it or not, I'm having a hard time narrowing down my favorites. I'm pretty sure I would rock every single t-shirt and tote bag on this site. Especially the bags. Here's a look at some I'm obsessing over.

The Origin of Species It has a Dodo! 

The Illiad is probably my favorite tote on the site. It's so badass looking! What's she got in there? Books? a Laptop? Craft Supplies? a Dagger? Probably all of the above!

The Jungle Book tote is another fave. Between the large cat and the green, it's definitely my aesthetic. Love!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is obviously a given for me. It's my favorite classic, and probably the only one I actually reread fairly regularly. I love it on the shirt too. 

Overall, I'm loving what this site has to offer. I can't speak on the quality yet but based on the care that's gone into the website, the designs, and my brief conversations with Melissa I'm going to guess the quality is pretty awesome, like the designs. I'm definitely going to do some shopping on this site when I get a chance, and once I do I'll definitely do a review of the items. If you shop, be sure to use the special coupon code that was created for this review! Once again, the code is LINZTHEBOOKWORM20  to get 20% off, and it never expires!

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