Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Discussion: Guilty Pleasures

Book Discussion Question:

What is your book guilty pleasure?

Edited 11/24/2016 
If you want to go to a specific book, a feature of a book, book genre, or whatever else go for it. I just like hearing what people have to say.
 I don't know if this qualifies as a guilty pleasure, but it's as close as I've got. I LOVE historical fiction and historical romance books. I'm not talking about the ones with innuendo-Esq titles and a Fabio-looking model on the cover (but hey if that's your thing, read it like there's no tomorrow). I'm a bit obsessed with royalty from centuries ago, so I love a good book that has a spin on a historical royal, or makes up a character that may have been in their service. I'm not entirely against entirely made up royals, but I like being able to go on the internet and research the character to see how close to history the book was.
I'm huge on reading various historical fiction books based on the Plantagenet and Tudor families. I enjoy all of the games and deceit characters weave in these books, just in the name of ambition and rising above their station. I like stories that look more into "lesser" characters like ladies in waiting and what not. Also, I'm a sucker for hearing about all the attire of that day and age.
So that's about all I have for my guilty pleasure. I don't read it often, but when I do, it is always a treat.
On another note, I just had an idea for a new blog feature and would love to get some opinions on it. I'm thinking of one day a week doing a book recommendation post. How it would work is on whatever day I chose (I'm thinking Thursday's),  I'd post three recommendations- any genre with a brief description. Then in return, anyone who comments would give three suggestions that haven't already been listed in the post. What do you all think? I believe that it'd be a neat way to get ideas for what to read. Could shorten it to one recommendation each, or expand it. Whatever sounds best. 

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