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Book Review of Pocket Full of Posies by Angela Roquet

Goodreads Summary: Not Your Grandma's Afterlife…The promise of peace in Limbo City is threatened once again, but this time, the terrorists have a more specific target in mind: Lana Harvey. The up and coming reaper thought to pass her classes at the Reaper Academy were going to be her biggest challenge, but when a rebel demon sends her apartment up in flames, she realizes that her victories from the previous year haven’t gone so unnoticed after all…

To make matters worse, the Afterlife Council has taken notice of Lana too. The Egyptian god Horus is blackmailing her into joining the Posy Unit so she can do an illegal side job for him, and Cindy Morningstar, Lucifer’s daughter, insists that she take a two-week training course with the devilishly tempting Beelzebub, much to her angelic boyfriend’s chagrin.
Goodreads Rating: 4.35 with 75 ratings
Genre Listing: Paranormal, Demons, Fantasy, Angels, Grim Reapers, Mythology, Romance
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Edited 11/24/2016

I like this series a lot. As soon as I finished with Graveyard Shift, I instantly bought Pocket Full of Posies, and before I started this review, I purchased For the Birds. I may or may not have a book addiction.... Anyways. I will say that I liked Graveyard Shift better, but this one was still good. It didn't have as much humor in it as the first book, but I assume that's because there was so much chaos that it had to be a little bit darker. Lana was still sarcastic, which I love. 

This book was all about Lana bettering herself through school and actually kind of taking control of her life. She gets a lot of things thrown her way that FORCES her to have some ambition if nothing else for her safety. I'm excited to see where these advancements and significant changes in her life take her. 

So this is a spoiler, but I have to talk about it. The angelic boyfriend gets SUPER controlling and intervening. It's obvious that he does it to protect her, but it gets to the point where she almost can't even make a decision for herself. I've been complaining a lot about controlling boyfriends in books. So let me tell you how happy I am to read that she kicked him to the damn curb because of it. I swear if I read one more book where the main character falls more IN LUV with their boyfriend the more he controls them, I'm going to scream. I think that's kind of why I like Lana so much. She does whatever the hell she pleases, and not afraid to stand up for herself. Go Lana! 

So here are some great quotes (I'm getting obsessed with highlights) from the book. 

This book has the quotes at the beginning of the chapter just like the first. This is one I liked. It's from George Eliot, but I don't remember what chapter. The mark says page 54. "It's never too late to be what you might have been." 

"I was beginning to wonder if there was a vaccine for annoyance." This was early on in the book when Lana is getting annoyed with her friends. If this vaccine exists, sign me up.

"But that wasn't what grated my cheese." This made me chuckle because I say that something grates my cheese when I get annoyed. 

"It was time to stop worrying so much and start enjoying some of the crazy life was throwing my way." This is at the end of the book, and I just like it because it reminds me that I need to do this from time to time. 

So overall, I enjoyed the second installment. I'm not prepared to give it five moons, but it's a definite four-mooner. 

Four out of Five Moons

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