Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Discussion: E-book Organization

Book Discussion Questions:

1. Do you have your e-reader organized? 

2. How is it organized?

3. Are you satisfied with your organization system, and if not how would you like it organized?

So, anyone who knows me probably knows that I'm a big of a freak of nature when it comes to organizing. I like having my closet color-coordinated and my movies alphabetical. I also like organizing my books, especially my e-books. Paper andHardcover books get organized by size (well they do when I have my book shelf. They're currently in boxes right now.) E-books on the other hand I go a little crazy with.

I know a lot of people who have e-readers, and I'm always curious as to how other people organize their e-books. So I thought it'd make a good discussion topic.
My kindle is a freaking mess right now. I binge  on free e-books on amazon (Hey... they're free and I read a lot. So sue me), so it's an absolute mess. I was trying to find something to read the other night and it took ages. I started to work on the organization a little bit. It's better but definitely needs improvement. I LOVE Kindle collections. 

Here's my current collection setup: (I won't even show you the madhouse of it just being on author/title/recent sort.) 

Edited 12/1/2016

Look! I learned to do something new just for this post. I seriously had no idea how to take a screenshot on the Kindle.  This certainly isn't my entire set up, but it's just a preview. Right now everything is in 'Read' or 'Unread.' I have a collection of classics, things I've deemed my favorites, and cookbooks. I also have a few collections of authors I either have a ton of books for or series I like. I also have a collection of books I thought Chris would like. He has his own Kindle, but for some reason, they get sent to mine too. I should probably de-clutter his at some point. If his get sent to mine, I'd  hate to see if mine gets sent to his. Yikes!  One Kindle at a time, though.

When I get bored, what I'd like to do is create collections dedicated to themes. That way if I'm feeling a vamp novel, I can just go to vamps, or if I want to say historical fiction, I can go to that. But I have a lot of books on my kindle so that'd take a very very very long time. I had my old kindle like that, and it was a massive pain to do.

I would really really love to be able to do collections within a collection. I have a few different authors on there that have multiple series. It'd be amazing (and probably make my nerd-life) if I could have one collection for the author, but in that group divide it into their different series. But alas, I can't do that (No, I don't want to make a regular collection for each set.)

Well, that's how I organize. What's your method? Let me know in the comments.

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