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2023 Reading Challenge

 2023 Reading Challenge!

Picture is of my bookshelf, and I got the sign at a travel store in Wisconsin

Picture is of my bookshelf, and I got the sign at a travel store in Wisconsin.

Hello Readers!

Sorry that it's been a while since my last post. There's been a lot going on, especially in the past few months. I will include a life update in my end-of-year update. 

It's time for the launch of the 2023 Reading Challenge! Grab your reading beverage of choice and a cozy seat. It's going to be a good year for reading.

For those new to the challenge, this is a combined effort between myself and Co-conspirator Tress. You can find her blog here. We've been doing this challenge for several years, and you can find all of the previous year's challenges here

This challenge can be completed in a variety of ways. You can be super organized like Tress and plan out what you're going to read for each category, or you can be like me and approach it like a kid in a candy store. There are 60 books in total divided between five tiers. You can complete all of them (or not.) You can complete the tiers in order or not. It's really up to how you want to go about it. The point has always been to get people out of their reading comfort zones. 

If you use Storygraph, Tress will post the challenge there. If you have your own blog and do the challenge on your site, feel free to link us to the post in the comments. We love seeing what people are reading. 

Edit: Storygraph Challenge can be found here

If you need a PDF to print out for the challenge, you can find one here

Level 1: Book of the Month Club                            

1             Read a book recommended to you on social media or by a friend                             

2             Read a book under 300 pages                   

3             Read a book with a female main character                          

4             Read a book by an author whose name is Samantha, Sam, or a variant                   

5             Read a book that was written by an author from your home state                            

6             Read a book you meant to read for last year's challenge                

7             Read a book with a basic shape on the cover (examples: Circle, Square, Heart, star, Diamond)           

8             Read a book you got from Project Gutenberg, a library, or another nonprofit source                             

9             Read a book about a hobby you enjoy or want to pick up (fiction or nonfiction)                  

10           Read a book that starts with the first letter of your name                             

11           Read the next book in a series you haven't read in a while                           

12           Free Space! Pick any book           

               Level 2: Casual Reader Club                      

13           Read a book by Mary Faulkner (or one of her aliases -                       

14           Read a book of short stories or a novella                             

15           Read a book that involves a lot of traveling                         

16           Read a book published in 1998 (25 years ago)                    

17           Read a book with a yellow cover                             

18           Reread a book you have recommended to someone else                             

19           Read a book by Dean Koontz                     

20           Read a book with a one-word title                          

21           Read book 1 in a trilogy               

22           Read book 2 in a trilogy               

23           Read book 3 in a trilogy               

24           Free Space! Pick any book           


               Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club               

25           Read a book that takes place somewhere you'd like to live                          

26           Read a book recommended by                

27           Read a book by an author who shares a first or last name with one of your friends                             

28           Read a book with a neon-colored cover                

29           Read a book that has under 1,000 reviews or ratings on a website or app                             

30           Read a middle-grade book (8-12 age range)                        

31           Read a book with the word "Time" in the title                    

32           Read a book about a famous criminal(s)                

33           Read a movie novelization book (movie to book, instead of book to movie)                          

34           Read a fiction or nonfiction book that motivates you to be a better version of yourself                             

35           Read a self-published book                        

36           Free Space! Pick any book


               Level 4: Speed Reader Club                       

37           Read a book that is over 600 pages                        

38           Read a book from List Challenge's Rory Gilmore Challenge                

39           A book by an author named David/Dave               

40           Read a "Dark Academia" novel                  

41           Read a book with a title that starts with the letter V                       

42           A book set in Asia or an Asian-inspired culture                   

43           Read a book with a cat on the cover                      

44           Read a Folklore book or book based on Folklore                

45           Read a book where the main character is a dancer                          

46           Read a book by a new author                    

47           Read a book that involves a conspiracy                 

48           Free Space! Pick any book


               Level 5: Overachiever Club                        

49           Read one of the New York Public Library's Best Books of 2022 (any category)                            

50           Read a book where the main character is a Villain or Anti-hero                   

51           Read a book that has a title that is punny and/or alliterative                       

52           Read a "Found Family" story                      

53           Read a book that has the letter Q in the title                          

54           Read a book that has an illustrated cover                            

55           Read a book that takes place in at least two different decades                    

56           Read a book about an entrepreneur (real or fictional)                    

57           Read a book that takes place in Alaska                  

58           Read a book with the word "Justice" in the title                

59           Read a book involving Dinosaurs                             

60           Free Space! Pick any book

If you're participating, let us know in the comments! I'll be posting this on various Social Media things as well.


  1. I’m in -

  2. Jamie here: Joining again at:

  3. Looking forward to participating! Will post on goodreads

    1. Thanks for joining. If we're not already friends on goodreads, feel free to add me!

  4. I guess I'm a cross between you and Tess :D
    Some books I plan ahead, others I add along the way.
    I try to get out of the comfort zone and discover new things.
    I will post the books on my goodsread.

    1. Oh, dear. A cross between Tress and I could be dangerous. That is potential for organized chaos. :D

      Thanks for joining! I hope you enjoy the challenge.

  5. I recommend the door of no return

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. I have not heard of this one. I'll have to look into it.

  6. What books do you recommend?

    1. Great question! That could become a very long list as I read a little of everything. If there's a specific genre you were wanting a recommendation for, please let me know. This comment gives me an idea for a blog post. :)

      Non Fiction: Instinct: Rewire Your Brain with Science-Backed Solutions to Increase Productivity and Achieve Success by Rebecca Heiss
      Historical Fiction: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
      Horror/Dystopian: Fiend by Peter Stenson
      Contemporary: The Humans by Matt Haig
      Thriller: The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor
      Science Fiction: Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer
      Fantasy: The Lightbringer by Brent Weeks
      YA: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

  7. I've never took part in a reading challenge before because I usually stick to the same genre, but I'm definitely gonna give this a go (and probably find a way to stick with the genre i always do)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chloe. I hope you enjoy the challenge. I definitely still stay in my genre comfort zones for the most part. Best of luck!

  8. Heyyy, I'm doing it, instagram is @babyniki7

  9. I'm back after missing last year (too much life happened...). First book done! Now to keep the momentum going for the year.

    1. Welcome back! I totally get too much life happening. Hopefully it was good things!

  10. I'm having trouble finding this challenge on Storygraph. Can you post a link of give me the exact name for searching? Thank you. I am joining the challenge for the first time but look forward to tackling it.

    1. Sorry about that. I meant to add the link to this post and never did. It can be found here

  11. Replies
    1. Absolutely! We'll be finalizing it next week and publishing it once it's done. :)

    2. 2024 Challenge is live

  12. Super excited for the 2024 Reading Challenge!! The 2023 Reading Challenge was amazing and really helped me read more and different types of books :)! Plus I loved the Gilmore Girls (Rory) reference and challenge!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! We should have the 2024 one ready next week sometime.

    2. Thanks!! Awesome! I can't wait :)!

    3. 2024 Challenge is live

    4. Thank you!! I can't wait to check it out!

  13. The 2024 Reading Challenge is up.


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